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Glo Partners Huawei To Construct Glo2 Submarine Cable

Glo2 submarine cable

Glo has entered a partnership agreement with Huawei to deliver ultra high-speed connection for the oil rich-communities of Southern Nigeria. The project is will help to enhance the network efficiency in all Globacom operating areas. Glo2 submarine cable becomes the first-ever national undersea cable to be constructed outside Lagos.

Speaking during the signing of contract between Globacom limited and Huawei technologies for Glo2 submarine cable, Globacom, Enterprise Cordinator, Mr. Folu Aderibigbe, said:

Today’s event is another watershed in the telecommunications industry and it is in line with our status as the game changer.

Since its inception 15 years ago, Globacom has pioneered several innovative technologies in the telecommunications landscape. Some of these innovations include GPRS, MMS, 3G Plus and the 4G LTE technology which today has the widest nationwide coverage.

The Regional Director Technical of Globacom, Sanjib Roy, explained that, there is so much traffic when most oil companies wants to do surveillance. According to him, the cable which contain three fiber pairs, will help to ease such stress. “

He said;

It is a quantum leap in building voice and data communications infrastructure in Nigeria. Glo2 will connect the Oil communities.

Provide redundancy to the terrestrial fiber network rendering high network availability and reliability across Nigeria. It also provide additional capacity high speed data growth in southern part of Nigeria.

Roy noted that Glo2 has a maximum capacity of 12TB capable of boasting the social economic activate of the region. He also spoke on Glo1 project saying the company has successfully completed upgrade of the terrestrial network in Nigeria and UK to 100GPs per channel.

According to him, Glo1 is currently undergoing upgrade by Huawei to provide maximum of 16Tps from Nigeria to UK. Operation we be completed by May.


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