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Google Evolving Android Messages Into ‘Chat’ Using RCS


Over time search engine giant Google has failed in its quest to develop and launch a successful unified messaging system. The company has launched and develop various Android Messages like the Google Talk, Google Voice, Google+ Huddles, and most recently the Hangouts and Allo with all failing to meet the desired success the company was hoping for.

While this may be true, a new report just confirmed that Google will be introduce a new messaging system called Chat. The new Google Rich Communication Services (RCS) is designed to replace SMS, and as a result will automatically become the default Android Messages app. Chat will support features like read receipts, typing indicators, full-resolution images and video, and group texts.

It may interest you to know that Chat is not a google service but a carrier-based service. What this means is that the service will use your internet data to work instead of the regular internet plan. Since it is an develop base on Android, those without the Chat or have it but not enabled on their device, will receive messages as a regular SMS.

A report also confirmed that Google will be killing Allo, a service that was developed two year ago. The report as revealed that the entire team behind the Allo service will be moved work on Android Messages.



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