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How To Increase Glo Browsing Speed, Making It Faster


Glo Nigeria offers one of the cheapest Internet data plans in the country. Its data plans are so cheap that the company was branded the grand master of data in the Nigeria. Being a Glo user, one question that always comes to mind, is How To Increase Glo Browsing Speed. This post will show you a little trick to achieve that.

The company is not only known for its cheap data plan, it is also well known for its affordable tariff plans. Aside of been cheap, one major problem with Glo is that, its internet service is very slow. When compare with the likes of MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile, Globacom comes second due to its slow internet speed.

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Browsing on a 4G LTE network on Glo looks like browsing on a 3G network. Now to make it faster, simply follow this little trick on How To Increase Glo Browsing Speed, below and see the magic.

How To Increase Glo Browsing Speed, Making It Faster

  1. Click your glo access point settings
  2. Click default Glo flat
  3. Follow this by edit your bearer settings.
  4. The default setting is unspecified, just untick it and then tick the following shown On image below
  5. That’s all and watch the speed of light on your 3g browsing

NOTE: 4G lte users only need to tick LTE if your phone is 4g enabled, if not just tick the first 4 option after the LTE.


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