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How You Can Get More Website Traffic From Targeted Region

How You Can Get More Website Traffic From Targeted Region

Owning a website is one thing and getting traffic to that website is another. The most important of all, is getting the right from your targeted audience. If you are reading this, you must have asked yourself, How You Can Get More Website Traffic From Targeted Region.

I don’t claim to be an SEO expert, but there are things I have try and seen worked for me. I’m writing this to share with you my little experience on how to get web-traffic from your desired targeted audience. If you follow the suggestion written here, you will see a growth of traffic from the region you have targeted. So read carefully and try to understand.

You must have read a lot on this topic and applied some of the method recommended with little or no success or change to your website traffic. The methods detailed on this post have been tried and tested and I can confirm that there will get you that desired result. If they apply accordingly, it will help you get that desired traffic if the region you wish to target.

Here are some of the recommendations.
1) Content Relevant To The Region Of Target
2) Domain Name Relevant To The Region Of Target
3) Back Links From Region Of Target
4) Social Media
5) Use Of Webmaster Tool

1) Content Relevant To The Region Of Target: Google and other search engines craw millions of website on a daily bases to find new content. If your website is crawled and the content is found to be good enough and relevant to a particular region, search engines will then send you traffic from that region.

Lets take for example, you are a tech blogger from Kenya and trying to target readers from Indian. Your content should be written in a way that, is relevant and helpful to your India readers. Now if you are writing about a phone product, you should be able to add the price of the product in India, the link to where they can get the products in India, and if possible, the launched date of the product in India. The same rules applies if you are targeting other regions as well.

The content should be well package so search engine can understand, it was made for people in a specific region. Doing this will help you get more traffic and recognition from that region. My advice is to let the content you write reflect the targeted region it is meant for.

2) Domain Name Relevant To The Region Of Target: Another important way of How You Can Get More Website Traffic From Targeted Region, is by getting a domain name relevant to the targeted region. If you are a blogger in Nigeria, getting a .NG domain well tell search engines that most of your content are written for people in Nigeria.

Getting a top level domain name related to the country of target helps to drive more traffic from that region. A website with .NG domain, will most likely have more of its content serve to audience in Nigeria, that the one with a .COM domain. Before thinking of starting a website, know the region you aim to target and get a domain related to it.

3) Back Links From Region Of Target: Getting lots of high quality back-links from your region of target, is another very important way to get more traffic from that region. If you are an affiliate marketer targeting the US, try to get more back-links for quality website in the US.

Back-links are more like a tom’s up signal by search engines. It sends a positive signal to search engines that you websites is trustworthy. If you aim to drive more traffic from a particular region, getting back-links from top website in that country will help most for your published content rank higher on that region. If you must know, the higher the ranking, the more the traffic.

4) Social Media: Publishing your blog post and sharing them on social media helps to drive more traffic to your website. If you want to drive more traffic using social media from a targeted region to your website, then try advertising. Social medias like Facebook and twitter have options that helps you to select the regions you want to target. The only downside of this, is that it is expensive.

If you are low on budget, and you wondering How You Can Get More Website Traffic From Targeted Region, via social media, you can do this by adding followers or friends from the region you want to target. If you have a twitter account, and you are targeting the UK, then try to get more followers from UK. When you do, you get more traffic from that region, when ever you share your content. Doing his will help convert better, especially when your website is marketing a product.

5) Using Webmaster Tool: Using webmaster tool is not an effective method of How You Can Get More Website Traffic From Targeted Region. Use Of Webmaster Tool came last, because search engines can either choose to honor or ignore this command. But all the same this may help if you specify the region you want search engines to send traffic from.

To do this, simply go Google Search Console, Webmasters Page, under Search Traffic, click on International Targeting, and clink on Country and change it to your desired targeted country/region.


These are some of the method How You Can Get More Website Traffic From Targeted Region. I have personally tried and found to be working. So if you have more or any contribution, Please use the comment box below or email us using our email address on our Contact Page.


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