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Intel To Supply 70% Of Apple LTE Chips For 2018 iPhones

Apple vs Qualcomm

Apple and Qualcomm have been having a bitter relationship since 2017. The conflict between them have left many wondering who will supply apple with microchips on its new phones. Both company have been engage in different counter suit accusing each other of contract infringement. Since the problem, there have been report in some quarters that Apple is planning to stop using Qualcomm chipset. Reports have also emerge that Apple might be using Mediatek and Intel chips to avoid working with Qualcomm.

A new report claims, that 70 percent of Apple’s chips for its 2018 iPhone’s production will come from Intel. With the ongoing and increasingly tense legal battle between both companies the report may appear to be true. Fast Company’s source says Apple plans to continue using Qualcomm chips up till 2018. While Intel will be supply 70% of the chip, the remain 30% will come from Qualcomm.

According to the source;
Given that technological transition, Apple is apparently waiting to see how well Intel fulfills this year’s order. If Intel underdelivers, Qualcomm will make up the balance on top of the 30% it’s already planning to provide. There’s also a chance that if Intel can produce enough chips on time and on budget it could get more than the planned 70%, our source says.

In December 2017, Apple was hit with $25,000 per day fine for withholding evidence from Qualcomm in a lawsuit. Before that in November, Apple sued Qualcomm claiming it infringe on patents owned by Apple over Snapdragon chips. A day later, Qualcomm filed three new patent infringement cases with the U.S. District Court in California against Apple.


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