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Tstv Sassy, Dexterity Decoder All You Need To Know

Tstv decoder

Nigerians were happy when the news of the going of a new per pay view TV station was announced back in 2017. Known as Tstv, the service was launched with some amazing offer, the like Nigerians has never seen before. According to the company, interested users can get a Tstv decoder, a dish and a remote control for as low N5000.

Tstv sassy decoder

The service revealed that the maximum subscription for a month cost just N3,000 with the option of the subscriber having the privilege of pausing subscription for 7 days, if he or she is not around. Other mouth watering benefit of Tstv during its launched include, 20GB of free data on the purchase of a Tstv decoder and while the subsequent subscription comes with 10GB of data.

One major reason why the company received praises from Nigerians was when it promises to deliver live football match to its customers. Soon after the launched, Nigerians were disappointed when the company couldn’t meet with its promises, with many thinking that Tstv was another failed Nigerian company. According to a friend of mine, Tstv was dead on arrival; that was his name for the young Nigeria company.

After failing to deliver on its promise and the many challenges experienced by the company, Tstv stuns the country with the introduction of its new Sassy and Dexterity Decoder. The Sassy decoder offers over 70+ Channel for a price tag of ₦3500 with subscription offers ranging from ₦200 for a day, ₦500 for 3 days and weekly subscription costing ₦750. The monthly subscription plans go for ₦3500.

On the other hand, the Dexterity Decoder is a more premium package offering all Tstv channels with a free 20GB data, the ability to record any TV program of your choice with every other thing TSTV promised before their launch. The Dexterity Decoder comes with a price tag of ₦5000 and it is currently being tested by Tstv team. The company revealed that sales will begin after the new decoder have been tested.

Tstv made this known with a post on its official social media page that reads;

Dexterity decoder sales will start soon once we have completed our ongoing nationwide tests and full integration of our data hubs nationwide. We can guarantee everyone that TSTV will revolutionize and create a new model for the entire pay TV market in Africa. We are just getting started

While we await the arrival of the Dexterity Decoder, Tstv announced that customers will get to enjoy 56 free to air channel for as a compensation for the delay of its service. It stated that the channels will remain free and unencrypted till May 15th 2018.


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