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Checkout The New Xbox Adaptive Controller

Xbox adaptive controller

Teach giant Microsoft has announced its latest Xbox adaptive controller. The Windows maker who said that the device has been in the making for many years, revealed that the Xbox adaptive controller will come at a price tag $99.99. The company revealed that the device will be launched later this year and will be available exclusively through Microsoft Store.

In a blog post;

Our goal was to make the device as adaptable as possible, so gamers can create a setup that works for them in a way that is plug-and-play, extensible, and affordable. In addition to working with common adaptive switches that gamers with limited mobility may already own, it has two large buttons built in. These buttons can also be reprogrammed to act as any of the standard controller’s button inputs via the Xbox Accessories app

Microsoft says the Xbox Adaptive Controller can be connected to external buttons, switches, joysticks and mounts, giving gamers with a wide range of physical disabilities the ability to customize their setups. It can be used to play Xbox One and Windows 10 PC games and supports Xbox Wireless Controller features such as button remapping.

One of the gamer tester revealed that makes it easy to create different setups for various types of games and seamlessly switch between them.

According to him;

There’s so much you can do with it. I’ve been searching for a one-handed controller for years. I’m so grateful to have a product like this. Microsoft is my hero now more than ever

Xbox Adaptive Controller was created to address these challenges and remove barriers to gaming by being adaptable to more gamers’ needs. The company said it will share more info about the Xbox Adaptive Controller at the upcoming E3 show. So stay turn, we will update you with the new info.



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