Glo Cheapest Data Plans And Subscription Codes Nov 2018

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Glo Mobile Nigeria is known for offering the cheapest data bundle plans in the country. Known as the Grand master of data, the company also offers customers low call tariff. Today we will be sharing with you some of the Glo Cheap Data Plans And Subscription Codes For 2018. Glo data comes in different variants, ranging from daily to monthly plans.

While we are taking a look at some of Glo Cheap Data Plans And Subscription Codes For 2018, they are also large data plans. Just like the cheap data plans, they also comes ranging from daily to monthly too. All in the data plans listed here can be used on all devices, like your Android, iPhones and laptops. They are cheap and can be easily subscribe for.

Glo data is very cheap when compared to other networks like MTN, Airtel or 9Mobile. The only downside of using Glo, is that the network is very slow especially when you are in an area with no 4G network. To speed up your network, here is How To Increase Your Glo Browsing Speed To Making It Faster. Using the method can help speed up your network and improve the your browsing experience.

Before we begin, I will like to let you know that these are some of the best cheap internet plans if you are low on budget. See below for some of Glo Cheap Data Plans And Subscription Codes For November 2018.

1) Glo 10MB for N25: This plan offers 10MB for just N25 and you get additional 2.5MB after renewal. To subscribe for this plan, simply dial *127*32# or text 32 to 127. Valid for 1 day.

2) Glo 22MB for N50: You get 22MB for N50 when you subscribe for this plans plus additional 2.5MB after renewal. To subscribe, simple dial *127*14# or text 14 to 127. Valid for 1 day.

3) Glo 80MB for N100: This plan get you 80MB plus additional 20MB bonus data making a total of 100MB for N100. To subscribe, simple dial *127*51# or text 51 to 127. Valid for 1 day.

4) Glo 210MB for N200: This plan offers you 210MB for N200 and you get additional 52MB bonus data when you renew the subscription. To subscribe, simple dial *127*56# or text 56 to 127. Valid for 5 day.

5) Glo 1GB for N200: This is a night plan usable between the hours of 12am-5am. To subscribe, simple dial *127*61# or text 61 to 127. Valid for 1 day (12am-5am).

6) Glo 3GB for N500: This is called the TGIF plan, when customers gets a massive 3GB data bundle for just N500. It works 7 days between the hours of 12AM – 5AM (Mon-Fri), and 12AM – 11.59PM, Saturday and Sundays. To subscribe simply dial *127*61# or *777*1*1*7*2# or text 61 to 127.

How To Check Your Data Balance

To check your data balance, simply dial *127*0# or *777*1*4*4# or text INFO to 127. You can get more info on this via Glo Nigeria official website. If this post was helpful, please kindly share with your friends.


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