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How to Check 9Mobile Account Balance On Your Phone

Actual Amount Teleology Paid For 9mobile

A lot of people get confused on how to check 9mobile account balance after the company changed its name from Etisalat. The name change also came with a brand new logo and renaming of some of their packages. If you are one of those, I will like to tell you that you are not alone on this.

9Mobile has been re-branding and recently the company has been given out free sim to win back there customers. Even with the recent challenges, the telecom company is still managing to win the heart of many. There are report saying that Teleology Offered $301m To Win 9mobile Bid And Not $500M. Out withstanding, the company is still gaining new customers by the day.

How to Check 9Mobile Account Balance via USSD Code

Enough of the many stories and now back to how to check 9mobile account balance. The process is pretty straight forward and simply. To do this, just follow the step below.

  • Simply dial *232# on your phone and press the green button to send.
  • After that, your account balance will display on your phone screen.

Also you will receive an SMS detailing you account balance on your phone to. This is done just in case the miss the first message sent to your.

As you can see, the process is very easy, so enjoy and share with your friends. Any questions, about how to check 9mobile account balance or data balance, please use the comment box below. thanks


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