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How To Subscribe Airtel N1000 For 3GB Data Plan 2018

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Airtel N1000 For 3GB Data Plan is a cheap data bundle offer suitable for heavy downloads on both Android and PC. As we all know, Airtel 4G LTE service is almost available at all the major cities in Nigeria. The company offers a lot of cheap data bundle plans and this one, is one of them. The plan is different from the double data plans which also gives customers 3GB for N1000. This plan is even better, it used to be the Blackberry plan that offers 3GB for N1400.

Subscribing to Airtel N1000 For 3GB Data Plan involve two methods, the first is via auto-renewal while the second involves using USSD code. The auto-renewal method involve subscribing to the Airtel 1.5GB monthly data plan for N1000. Below is how you can subscribe using the two methods.

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How To Subscribe Airtel N1000 For 3GB Data Plan

FIRST METHOD: Dial *496# to subscribe to the usual Airtel 1.5GB for N1000 plan. If you are already on the plan, simply re-subscribe or auto-renew your subscription before it is exhausted and you will be given an additional 1.5GB data bonus.

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SECOND METHOD: This method involve you recharging your line with N1000 and dialing this subscription code *431#. When you do this, Airtel will credit your line with 1.5GB worth of data.

How To Check Your Data Balance

To check your remaining data balance, simply dial *140#.


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