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iPhone 11 Specs And Features Plus All You Need To Know

iPhone 11

Apple is one amazing company that proud itself when it comes to quality and elegant design. The company made a bold statement after launching the iPhone X with features like Notch display, Facial ID and Animoji’s. News going round the internet suggest the company will be launching it latest smartphone the iPhone 11 (iPhone XI)

According to reports Apple has schedule the big event for September and these are some of the details we’ve been able to gather about the device. Now before we begin, its not officially clear, if the name of the device will be iPhone 11 or iPhone XI. While we await the official details from Apple, where are the few iPhone 11 features and what to expect.

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According to a trusted Apple analyst, KGI’s Ming Chu Kuo, this year’s iPhone will have largely the same design as the iPhone X. What this means is that, the iPhone 11 will feature an almost similar bezel-less design, notch to house the camera on the front, and a bright OLED screen. The smartphone will be coming with a 5.8inches display and mostly likely come in different color variants.

Just like the iPhone X, the new iPhone 11 will comes featuring Facial ID and Animoji’s. Also the smartphone will feature a triple-lens rear camera that is similar to the Huawei P20 Pro smartphone. Being an update, we expect the device to come with a better battery capacity than that the iPhone X. The device will most likely feature a 3,300mAh or 3,400mAh battery capacity.

Apple smartphones are known to be on the higher price, and with the the iPhone X starting from £999 for the 64GB version, you just guess what the new iPhone 11 will cost.


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