Why London-used phone could land you in jail outside Nigeria

London-used phone could land you in jail outside Nigeria

The Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS) Tunji Disu via a twitter post warned Nigerians of the danger of using second hand phones. According to Disu, buying and using a London-used phone could land you in jail outside Nigeria.

In his post, Disu wrote;
You may go to jail if you take your “London used phones” (second hand phones) to Uk, US, Germany, South Africa, etc, as most of the “London used phones” have been flagged off as #robbed, #stolen or been used for #fraud. We confirm recoveries of such phones in Lagos. Be warned!

A report from the Sun UK in April revealed that the high rate of smartphone theft in the UK is linked to the London-used phone boom in Nigeria. The phone theft has been linked to a gang of robbers who were reported to have stolen about 16,158 phone just in 2017 alone. The gang according to the report specialize in snatching and grabbing of smartphones from pedestrians on the streets of UK.

The stolen phones are first shipped to Eastern Europe after they are stolen and then stripped of private information, reconditioned before selling them off to Nigeria, India and Algeria buyers. In some cases, these smartphone thief’s used the data gotten from the phones to hacked bank accounts.

In Nigeria presently, there is no law against buying or selling of used phones. This is due to the country’s government not signing a global deal to efficiently blacklist stolen phones. Commander Disu revealed that the warning is just to sensitize Nigerians to be careful when buying any used items.

Do you thinks the warning by the commander on Why London-used phone could land you in jail outside Nigeria, is a welcome development? Whats your view on the sales and use of second hand phones in the country. Please use the comment box below to air your views.


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