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Reasons To Stop Using WordPress Internal Linking Plugins

Internal Linking Plugins

According to many SEO expert, internal linking plays a very important rule in ranking of your website on search engine. They also help to make your reader stay longer on your site as well as increasing you website page-views. One easy way of linking to content on your website is the use of Internal Linking Plugins. Why these maybe some of the added advantages, this plugins can also pose a great treat your the growth of your website.

What Are Internal Linking Plugins
Internal Linking Plugins are plugins that helps to link or connect related post on your website. This plugins works by either connecting content using keywords or creating a related posts section at the bottom of your published article.

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Why These Plugins May Hurt Your Website SEO
Internal Linking Plugins are not all bad but they have been known to pose danger to website, that is why companies like Godaddy blacklist most related post plugins. This dangers can hurt your website SEO hence the need for this post. Below are some of the dangers of using Internal Linking Plugins.

1) Slow Loading Time:

You may have heard many SEO expert advising you against install to many plugins on the same website. The reason is very simply, too many plugins slow down your website, and recently many Internal Linking Plugins have been found guilty of this. A lot of web hosting companies have even went ahead to blacklist some of them.

Remember a faster loading website helps your website rank higher on search engines. So the lesser the plugins installed, the faster the loader speed of your website.

2) Lack of Proper Linking:

Sometimes these plugins do not link properly to the right content relevant to the new topic you publish. According to TOM DUPUIS author of onlinemediamasters, he described it as “Not Personalized – where you link to should be dependent on the context of a topic you’re writing about”. Your link becomes relevant when it is properly linked. In this case, it is better to manually insert links instead of using Automatic Internal Linking Plugins.

3) Lack Of Use of Proper Anchor Text:

Linking to a post requires the use of unique, descriptive, properly and diverse anchor text. Inappropriate anchor text linking using Automatic Internal Linking Plugins may be seen by search engines as spammy. If your website is seen as too spammy by search engines, you risks getting penalized which may hurt your website SEO.

Also if the plugin creates too many internal links to the same page using same anchor text, this can hurt your website.

Best Practise of Linking Post
The best thing to do to avoid getting penalized for using this plugins, is to create links manually. Always insert links using the right anchor text and also link to relevant post when writing.

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