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98 Dangerous Android Apps You Need To Deleted Now

Dangerous Android Apps

Dangerous Android Apps affected with malware somethings find there ways to Google Play Store. Every Year, Google and other researchers carries out reviews to fish out some of this bad app. Back in 2017, Google reportedly removed over 700,000 bad apps from its Play Store. According to the search giant, this app where found to be affected by malware.

This year, researchers from security firms like Symantec, ESET and Check Point have warned phone users about hidden app malware on Google Play Store. The firms revealed that some of these Dangerous Android Apps disguise themselves as utility apps, while others come in the garb of security apps.

These Dangerous Android Apps have been found to be used by hackers to steal personally of the phone users. Also other apps have been found to forcefully redirects victims to install another malicious app on the Play Store once it has been launched. These apps have been termed dangerous posing a risk to Android smartphone users data. To be on the safer side, here are a list of harmful malicious app that need to be uninstalled from your device, if you have them. The list below are unsafe Android apps that researchers have found on Google Play Store this year.

List Of Dangerous Android Apps You Need To Uninstall

  1. Virus Cleaner Antivirus 2017 – Clean Virus Booster
  2. Super Antivirus & Virus Cleaner (Applock, Cleaner
  3. hAntivirus – Security
  4. Antivirus 2018
  5. Antivirus Clean
  6. Security Antivirus 2018
  7. Max Security – Antivirus&Booster &Cleaner
  8. Antivirus Cleaner – Virus Scanner And Junk Remover
  9. Antivirus Security Free
  10. Antivirus Cleaner For Android & App Locker Pattern
  11. Smadav antivirus for android 2018
  12. Antivirus Free : Process Virus
  13. Antivirus Security
  14. TV Antivirus Free + Applock
  15. Antivirus Virus Cleaner – Security Applock 2017
  16. Super Security-Anti Virus, Phone Cleaner & Booster
  17. Antivirus Free + Virus Cleaner + Security App
  18. Antivirus Pro – Virus Cleaner – Boost Mobile free
  19. Virus Clean Antivirus – Cpu Cooler & Ram Master
  20. 360 Secure Antivirus
  21. Antivirus Cleaner Booster
  22. Antivirus Android 2018
  23. Antivirus & Virus Remover 2018
  24. Antivirus Free 2018
  25. Kara Security Manager Antivirus
  26. Security Antivirus 2018
  27. Antivirus & Virus Cleaner & Security
  28. Master Antivirus Booster App Lock
  29. Virus Cleaner – Antivirus,Booster,Security&AppLock
  30. Smart Security Antivirus & Applocker & Cleaner
  31. Antivirus 2017 & Virus Removal
  32. Energy Antivirus Cleaner
  33. Antivirus Master-Applock Pro
  34. AntiVirus Mobile Security for Android – Free
  35. Aladdin and the ancient magic lamp
  36. The morning and evening
  37. Game Billiards
  38. Game Girls
  39. Piano game
  40. General culture game
  41. Game yourself
  42. Multiplication Table Game
  43. Game Session
  44. Game protectors home
  45. A light game on the machine
  46. Game Five Nights at Freddy Restaurant
  47. Children Police
  48. Sewing Game
  49. Chess game without Net
  50. Game Casting
  51. Game frank and questions
  52. Game frank and questions
  53. Game of Cars
  54. Game Closely
  55. Game Gamble
  56. Game washing machine
  57. Game Submarine
  58. Lines of variety
  59. Game of Chicks
  60. Game of Fatthel Arabs
  61. Game trains
  62. Game cut the rope
  63. Game played by two
  64. Game Yogi duel monsters without Net in Arabic
  65. Game Yogi
  66. A variety of juice books
  67. Beautiful photos
  68. Love romance pictures
  69. The old game of Saladin
  70. Arab Pictures
  71. A teacher hit him
  72. The cup reader
  73. QR Code Free Scan
  74. QR Code Scanner Pro
  75. QR Code Scan Best
  76. QR Code / Barcode Free Scan
  77. QR & Barcode Scanner
  78. Smart compass
  79. Smart QR Scanner and Generator
  80. Block Strike
  81. Parkour Simulator 3D
  82. AIMP
  83. Skanvord (Сканворд)
  84. Wrestling WWE Action Updates
  85. NeoNeonMiner
  86. Algorithms Data Structures C Beginner Tutorial App
  87. AoVivoNaTv
  88. Stolik – Food Delivery & Reservations in Tashkent
  89. Fitsmoke
  90. Action Smackdown Wrestling WWE Tips
  91. Action Wrestling WWE Smackdown Updates
  92. Best WWE Smackdown Tips
  93. Top Wrestling WWE Smackdown Tips
  94. Wrestling WWE Videos
  95. Car Wallpaper HD: mercedes, ferrari, bmw and audi
  96. Action Smackdown Wrestling WWE Updates
  97. 2048-Best
  98. NUBX


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