How To Check Airtel Data Balance On Android Phone

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Today I will like to show you how to check Airtel data balance on android phone. As we all know, Airtel Nigeria is the third major network carrier in the country with millions of customers. The company offers users some of the cheapest data plan you can find on the market.

Lot of people don’t know how to check Airtel data balance on android phone so I hope this post help. Checking data is necessary after buying and enjoying fast internet access, you may want to know your remaining data volume. The process is completely free, so you don’t have to worry about charges.

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How To Check Airtel Data Balance On Android Phone

Checking your Airtel data balance is very simple and easy, The process is pretty straight forward you just simply need to dial *140# on your Airtel number and wait for an SMS including all the details about your data plan.

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You’ll see the remaining MB and also when the data plan will expire. If you didn’t get the SMS, then it might be because of a network error and you can try the code at a later time.

You can also check Airtel data balance by dialing *141#, then select “6” and hit send from your phone. Doing this, you will receive your data balance and full details of your data plan as well.

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