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How To Check Data Balance On Glo Network

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Ever wondered How To Check Data Balance On Glo Network? Well, if you are one of such, then this post will show you just how to that. Glo Mobile Nigeria is the second major network carrier in the country. The company is fondly called the grand master of data, due to its cheap and affordable data offered to customers.

Checking your Glo Mobile Data Balance is done via 4 ways and this post will be sharing these methods. The methods include the use of SMS, dialing a USSD Code and via the company’s official website. To check your Glo Mobile data balance, simply follow the methods listed below.

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How To Check Your Data Balance on Glo Network

Like I said above, How To Check Data Balance On Glo Network can be achieved using the 4 methods below. The methods are easy and simple to use, so just follow these and you will be able to check your Glo Mobile data balance.

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  1. UsingSMS
    To check your data balance via SMS on the Glo mobile Network, just text the word “INFO” to 127. You will get a text message detailing your data balance as well as the expiry date of your data subscription.
  2. Via USSD code
    Method 2 involves dialing a USSD code and you get a pop-up information of your Glo data balance. The USSD code to dial is *777#, and then type “1” (Buy Data) and click send. Then Type “4” (Manage Data Plan) then click send and finally Type “4” (Check Data Balance) click send. You should receive a pop-up message containing the details of your data plan.
  3. Quick USSD code
    Alternatively, you can dial *127*0# if you don’t want to go through all the stress listed in method 2. After dialing, you will get a pop-up message displaying all the details of your data plan.
  4. Via Website
    You can also check your balance online by visiting hsi.glo.com and navigating to the check balance page.


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