How To Compress Images Without Losing Quality On Blogger

How To Compress Images Without Losing Quality On Blogger

Image compression or reduction is very important for website owners and bloggers if you want your website to run faster. It is also important when you are storing lots of images on a device with low RAM and internal storage. For WordPress users, it is easy cause there are lots of plugins that can help with this. But if your website is hosted on, then this becomes a little difficult. Today I will share with you, how to compress images without losing quality on blogger platform.

For blogs hosted on, users have the ease of achieving this, cause there are a host of plugins to choose from. Some of these plugins include WP, WP Boyka, EWWW Image Optimizer, CW Image Optimizer and many more. This plugins works by helping to reduce the size of your website images without it losing its qualities. On the other hand, blog or website hosted on platform do not have this option. While the platform may not have this function, This post will help show you how to compress images without losing quality on blogger.

How To Compress Images Without Losing Quality On Blogger
Owners of websites hosted on blogger platform can reduce the size of images either online or by software and Applications which we will be taking a look at. There are many websites on the internet that offers free compression of images and we will be sharing that with you. One of such many websites, is which is first on our list. This is one free online image compressing website which I have tried and found very help. All you have to do, is;

  • Go to
  • Now click on the Add Button and Add the Image you want to Compress
  • Adjust the Compressing Level using the Adjust tool above the Upload Image tab.
  • Now click on the Compress Now button.
  • Once the Compressing Process is completed, Click on the Download button to download the Compressed Image.

Other website that offers similar service includes;


Name Of Software To Compress Images

  • Trimage
  • ImageOptin
  • IrfanView
  • Gimshop

Names Of Apps To Compress Images

  • PhotoComPress
  • Photo And Picture Resizer

These Apps, Software and Online sites will help you to compress images with losing the image quality if you are hosted on the platform. Doing these will help your blog load faster and improve your search engine ranking.


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