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MasterCard Patner Diebold Nixdorf To Develop Cardless ATM

Cardless ATM

Report says MasterCard in partnership with Diebold Nixdorf are working on two services which includes MasterCard Cash PickUp and Cardless ATM. The MasterCard Cash Pickup will allow ATMs deliver cash to authenticated consumers without the use of an ATM card. The service will allow customers, both banked and unbanked, use their mobile phones at a special ATM to convert Cash PickUp order.

Cardless ATM on the other hand will allows customers to make cash withdrawals from an ATM using their bank’s mobile-app. According to Daniel Goodman, MasterCard Senior Vice President;

By bringing together the MasterCard network and Diebold Nixdorf’s large-scale global scale, we can help move the ATM industry towards a globally scalable standard for driving digital innovation in the ATM channel.

The two will reduce the overhead banks accrue from running many branches. While the process is still in their pilot phases, It is seen by many as revolutionally. In Nigeria, this will be a welcome development since many banks already operate via phone app.

Alan Kerr, Senior Vice President, Software at Diebold Nixdorf said;

Many of our customers are looking to retain consumer’s and drive incremental transactions to help their self-service channels. This partnership with MasterCard delivers on both of these fronts.

What your view on this new initiative, please tell us using the comment box below. Do you think it will work here in Nigeria or will it lead to more cutting of jobs. Your views are welcome.


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