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Meet OPPO O-Free Wireless Bluetooth Headset

OPPO O-Free Wireless Bluetooth Headset

OPPO during the launch of the Oppo Find X smartphone in China unveiled the new O-Free Wireless Bluetooth Headset. The new Wireless Bluetooth Headset features a translation, voice assistant, such as wake-up voice assistant. The device is powered by Qualcomm QCC3026 SoC with better power efficiency. OPPO O-Free Wireless Bluetooth Headset built-in smart chip helps synchronize both the left and right ear sounds with the phone without delay.

It make adjust volume, playback, and changing songs easier with just a simple touch. The OPPO O-Free Wireless Bluetooth Headset is very efficient featuring an ultra-low power consumption. It boast of a 4 hours of continuous playback with a single charge with  the charging case offering additional 12 hours of power.

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Outside using the device to answer phone calls, the OPPO O-Free Wireless Bluetooth Headset offers a prefect sound quality. It is easy to use, providing that comfort with an ultra-light weight design. The OPPO O-Free wireless Bluetooth headset comes with a price tag of $105 and goes on sales in August.



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