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Meet Summit Supercomputer, The World’s Fastest Computer

Summit Supercomputer

The US Department of Energy has unveiled the world’s latest and most powerful supercomputer called Summit. The new device, is regarded was the worlds fastest and most powerful computer beating China’s Sunway TaihuLight the previous holder. At a speed of 200 petaflops, the Summit supercomputer can process 200,000 trillion calculations per second. The Summit also known as OLCF-4 trumps the Titan, the US’s previous record holder of the fastest computer in US.

Speaking during the launch, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said;

Today’s launch of the Summit supercomputer demonstrates the strength of American leadership in scientific innovation and technology development. It is going to have a profound impact in energy research, scientific discovery, economic competitiveness, and national security. I am truly excited by the potential of Summit, as it moves the nation one step closer to the goal of delivering an exascale supercomputing system by 2021. Summit will empower scientists to address a wide range of new challenges, accelerate discovery, spur innovation and above all, benefit the American people.

Also speaking Jeff Nichols, ORNL associate laboratory director for computing and computational sciences said;

Summit takes accelerated computing to the next level, with more computing power, more memory, an enormous high-performance file system and fast data paths to tie it all together. That means researchers will be able to get more accurate results faster. Summit’s AI-optimized hardware also gives researchers an incredible platform for analyzing massive datasets and creating intelligent software to accelerate the pace of discovery.

Summit supercomputer was developed by IBM for use at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The Summit supercomputer has 4,608 servers and takes up the space of two tennis courts. Summit is made up of more than 9,000 22-core IBM Power9 processors and over 27,000 NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. The device is so massive that it requires the same amount of power that could be used to run 8,100 American homes.


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