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Will You Buy A 10GB RAM Smartphone


Guys, seriously will you buy a smartphone with a 10GB RAM? This is a question many are asking after a report revealed that ASUS wanted to put 10GB RAM in a new flagship. The company made headlines after it launched the Asus ZenFone 2 with 4GB and ZenFone AR with 8GB respectively. Both smartphones with the first smartphones with rock a 4GB RAM and an 8GB RAM.

According to a popular leakster Roland Quandt with the twitter username @rquandt; ASUS wanted to put 10GB RAM in a new flagship, but that didn’t work out, due to packaging issues. While ASUS planned device is still been worked on, to me a 10GB worth of RAM on a smartphone is ridiculous.

He post reads;

So once upon a time (a few months back) ASUS wanted to put 10GB RAM in a new flagship (ROG phone maybe?). But that didn’t work out, bc of packaging issues (usually placed on top of the SoC, but no room to put the necessary modules in the little space available for a PoP design)

Smartphone running on 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM has been found to be working perfectly well. So I don’t see any reason for a massive 10GB RAM on a device, if you ask me. Now that is my opinion don’t know about you. Whats your take on this, do you think buying a 10GB RAM device is a great idea.


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