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Xiaomi Smart Toilet Youth Edition Announced For $122

Xiaomi smart toilet

Xiaomi is a tech company popularly known for producing smartphone and home appliances. The company also boasts of produces such as smart watches, smart glass, Bluetooth-speakers, umbrella and most recently, a smart toilet. Yes, you heard me right, the company has now officially announced the Xiaomi Smart Toilet Youth Edition.

The Xiaomi Smart Toilet comes with a price tag of $122 designed with 316 stainless steel and integrated self-cleaning function. It can perform a high temperature sterilization and washing, with the sterilization rate as high as 99.9%. The smart toilet uses an instant thermostatic heating which ensures that the water temperature can be instantly heated to about 35 °C, to deliver a comfortable experience. The temperature of the water can be adjusted in three levels to meet your need.

Xiaomi Smart Toilet incorporates three cleaning methods which include Soft feminine cleaning, shower wash, hip wash cleaning. It is equipped with a sedentary reminder, which alerts you when you have sat on the toilet seat for more than 30 minutes. The device supports night lighting and IPX4 waterproof and comes with 3D curved surface design to fit the hip curve.


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