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France Family Becomes World’s First To Live In A 3D Printed House

3D Printed House

While Nigeria is still wallowing in backwardness, a France family becomes the World’s First to Live in a 3D Printed House. The four-bedroom apartment which took a little more than 2 days to print, measures about 1022 square feet. Although it took a little more that 2-days to print, the roof, windows, and doors took four months to complete. The four-bedroom apartment is currently occupied by Nordine Ramdani, Nouria Ramdani, and their three children.

The project has created a buzz of excitement in the construction community and is being described as a perfect model for future projects. The highlights of this house are digital controls for the convenience of disabled individuals and the curved-wall designs that substantially alleviate the effects of humidity on the house.

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Francky Trichet, the council’s lead innovator revealed that the primary goal of this 3D printing project was to ascertain if this kind of construction solution could become mainstream and be applied to different types of communal buildings. He now believes that this concept could potentially impact the construction industry.

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According to him;

For 2,000 years there hasn’t been a change in the paradigm of the construction process. We wanted to sweep this whole construction process away. That’s why I’m saying that we’re at the start of a story. We’ve just written, ‘Once upon a time.

Speaking Nordine Ramdani who described the house as amazing, said he was honored. According to him;

It’s a big honor to be a part of this project. We lived in a block of council flats from the 60s, so it’s a big change for us. It’s really something amazing to be able to live in a place where there is a garden, and to have a detached house.

The house is extremely eco-friendly with digital controls for the differently-abled and cheaper too. The cost of the project is around £176,000 which is 20% cheaper than using conventional construction techniques.


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