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German Student Invents Phone Casing With Pops Out Legs


We all know how painful it can get when you incidentally drop your phone and damage the screen. What goes on your mind after such incident is what you would have done to prevent it, popularly called the cry of I wish. Over the years, there have been phone companies and many others, developing phone casing, patches and screen guide to help reduce the damage done on your phone, when it fails. While there have been many improvements, none has been able to successfully prevent damage done on the phone when it fails.

Thanks to Philip Frenzel, a German university student, this may soon be a thing of the pass. Philip Frenzel has developed a new phone casing which he called “Active Damping Case” (Adcase) for short. His new invention consists of an eight legged spider looking horns that spring out when you drop your phone. The young engineer at Aalen University in Germany has already won a top award from the German Society for Mechatronics for his idea.

The design, though still a prototype shows eight thin metal curls that normally lie flat inside the case. This metal curls pop out and curl up in opposite directions, protecting the edges of the phone from impact. This will help protect your phone screen from damage when it hits the floor, or any concrete surface. This spider looking legs can easily be folded back into their holsters when you pick up the phone.

More is still being learned about the new device, but Frenzel has already applied for a patent, and even printed T-shirts with a catchy logo. Adcase may soon be launched on the crowdfunding platform – Kickstarter soon.



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