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Google Slapped With $5bn Fine By The EU, See Why


The European Commission has slammed search engine giant Google with a €4,34bn about $5bn fine over its use of the Android operating system. Google received the fine over 3 types of illegal restrictions on the use of Android. This became the largest fine ever imposed on any single firm by the European Commission and any regulatory commission.

Google is planning to appeal against the commission ruling before it was hit with the new record breaking $5bn fine. The EU says, Google’s practice has unfairly strengthened its dominance of internet searching, thereby denying rivals a chance to innovate and compete on the merits. Under the EU law, this is considered illegal and the commission wants this to stop. The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai in its defense claims that users install an average of 50 apps themselves and also has the ability to remove the pre-installed app any time they wish.

Sundar via a blog post, wrote;

If phone makers and mobile network operators couldn’t include our apps on their wide range of devices, it would upset the balance of the Android ecosystem. So far, the Android business model has meant that we haven’t had to charge phone makers for our technology or depend on a tightly controlled distribution model.

Last year, Google was slammed with a 2.4bn euro about $2.8bn fine, over its shopping comparison service. Google warned that the Android business model might change as it in a way indicates that it might start to consider licensing its Android OS to phone makers.



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