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Light Working On A New Smartphone With 9 Cameras


Light shocked the world when it unveiled the L16 camera packing a 16 lenses into one pocket-sized device. The company according to sources, is working on a new device which will be coming with nine cameras. The company says the device can shoot up to 64-megapixel shots, promising a better low-light performance and depth effects.

Before now, device like the Huawei P20 Pro, HTC U12 Plu all featured four cameras but no device has ever packed 9 lens. The company is hoping to be the first smartphone manufacturer to achieve that fate. The new LG V40 flagship device according to rumored, will pack five lenses into front and rear cameras.

Light is currently experimenting with prototype phones featuring between five and nine camera lenses on the back. The smartphone is expected to be announced later this year.



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