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Samsung New Technology Allows You To Open Doors Using Smartphone Wifi

Samsung IoT-powered Smart Door Lock

Samsung has developed a new technology that allows smartphone users to unlock the door to their homes using a Wifi-service. The technology developed by the tech giant Smart Home Division is its first IoT-powered Wi-Fi smart door lock (SHP-DR900). The SHP-DR900 is equipped with an improved fingerprint sensor compared to its previous generation smart locks that can recognize fingerprints more quickly and accurately.

The system not only allows you to open the doors remotely, but also allows you to check every access history at any time. When leaving the house, the door lock sensor detects the movement and distance of the person and implements a smooth door opening, with the locking mechanism automatically loosening by the lock. In addition to mobile app and fingerprint, you can also unlock the door using a password, RF key tag or an emergency key.

The Samsung Smart Home Division also used its own security technology to make hacking impossible. The technology is called SEAL: Samsung SDS-secure Encapsulation for Application Layer that encrypts data stored inside the door lock into a Samsung SDS proprietary algorithm, S-WBC (Samsung SDS-white box cryptography, Samsung SDS-White Box password), and the data sent from the smartphone to the server.



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