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Tesla’s New Quadra Smartphone, All The Info We Know For Now

Tesla Quadra

After dominating the electric car industry, Tesla boss Elon Musk, is looking to take on the big names in the smartphone industry. A leaked photo of the company’s upcoming smartphone the Tesla Quadra has been shared on-line earlier today. Elon Musk and his company has been rumored to be working on its first smartphone, back in November last year. That rumor is gradually becoming a reality as the front and rear panel of the smartphone was leaked online today.

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The new Tesla Quadra from the image shared, shows a notch design and a razor thin bezel at the bottom. One visible thing to notice on the rear panel from the image, is the big Tesla logo located below the dual camera setup. The photo also shows a thin cutout at the bottom that might be for the speaker grill.

Before now, the come launch a powerbank last year showing their interest in the smartphone market. The new move, shows Elon Musk and Tesla readiness to conquer the smartphone industry. Although not many details were revealed by the leak, but we expect nothing short of a flagship from Tesla. The coming weeks will reveal more details and some specifications include designs info about the new ‘Quadra’ smartphone.



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