This Toothbrush Uses Cutting Edge Light Technology To Clear Your Teeth

Bristl Light Therapy Electric Toothbrush

As we all know, clearing your teeth is a daily business to maintain a healthy hygiene. It is safe to say that virtually every home in the country owns more than one or two toothbrushes. While the use of toothbrush may be popular, there hasn’t been any extreme innovation in the toothbrush industry for the last century. The best improvement to the toothbrush industry is the creation of an electric toothbrush. A company by the name Bristl is trying to change this, by revolutionizing the way teeth are clean.

With this said, meet the company’s latest product know as the Bristl light therapy electric toothbrush. The Bristl Light Therapy Electric Toothbrush works by using a combination of light therapy and sonic vibration to give your teeth a super sharp clean every time. Bristl may look like an ordinary electric toothbrush, but it’s loaded with technology.

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Unlike other electric toothbrushes that use vibration to clear your teeth, Bristl emits a certain frequency of light, to clean, heal and protect your teeth and gums. This emitted light comes in three colours which includes, Red, Blue, and purple. The red light helps to regenerate gum tissues and reduces inflammation in the gums. The blue light helps to whiten teeth and kill bacteria while the purple light is a combination of the red and blue lights. The purple light comes as the default settings on the Bristl toothbrush using a combination of light therapy and sonic vibration to clean and protect your teeth.


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