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Apple To Dump Samsung, As Sharp Joins Smartphone OLED Market


It appears Apple will turn to Sharp for its OLED displays after the company announced its interest in join the smartphone OLED display market. Apple and Samsung are arch-rival in the smartphone business as well as the two major smartphone brand in the world. Report says, Sharp will provide OLED panels for all Apple’s feature iPhone starting next year.

Samsung has been OLED screens for Apple device and one of such, is the Apple iPhone X. The OLED screen was the most expensive component of the iPhone X, which attracted some criticism in some quarters. Apple has been looking for alternative and this year, the company went into agreement with LG. According to reports, LG will be providing Apple between 3 million to 5 million OLED panels. While this may be a huge figure, this will not be enough for Apple to get rid of Samsung’s dependence.

With Sharp joining the OLED display market, Apple will be looking for a major supplier for all their future smartphones. For Sharp to stand out, the company will have to focus on quality if they hope to push Samsung out of the game. Industry insiders revealed that OLED screen manufacturing process is cumbersome and not many companies can meet up with Apple’s standard.


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