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Top 5 Famous 3D Printed Houses That Made News

3D Printed Houses

The world is ever changing with new innovations and inventions coming into play. One of such, is the revelation of 3D printed houses which is gaining popularity by the day. The new innovation has been seen by many as a tech evolution and today I will be sharing some of the most popular 3D printed houses that has made news.

While Nigeria is still lagging behind in terms of technological development, the world is now printing buildings just by a touch of a button. In no particular other, the list contain photos of ground breaking 3D printed homes from five different cities in the world. The post also shares some videos of how the buildings look likes.

Office of the Future: This is the first fully 3D-printed and completely functional building in the world. Known as the Office of the Future, the 3D-printed building is located on the Emirates Towers premises.

It is designed by a company call Gensler measuring 20 feet high, 120 feet long, and 40 feet wide. The office took 17 days to complete.

Valcan: The photo above shows a 3D printed house designed and unveiled at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. Known as the Vulcan, the house is the first 3D printed house to be erected in the US.

The model is 650 square feet and consists of a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and shaded porch. The house was built from start to finished in less than 24 hours, and it cost less than $10,000. Did I hear you say amazing?

The Stupino 3D Printed House: This house was designed and printed in 2017 by a Russia company called Apis Cor. The house is the first 3D printed house to be full printed entirely on-site in the country. They used a crane-sized, mobile 3D printer and a specially-developed mortar mix and covered the whole operation with a heated tent.

The house covers a 38-square-meter (409-square-foot) house is circular, with three right-angled protrusions allowing for additional space and division of the area inside. According to the company, the house’s total building cost came to $10,134

The World’s First 3D Printed House To Be Occupied By A Family: The house was designed and build in France taking a little more than 2 days to print. The house measures about 1022 square feet containing a four-bedroom apartment. This made news, when it became the first 3D printed house to be occupied by a family. The four-bedroom apartment is currently occupied by Nordine Ramdani, Nouria Ramdani, and their three children.

3D Printed House

The cost of the project is around £176,000 which is 20% cheaper than using conventional construction techniques.

DUS Architects 3D Printed House: This 3D printed house was designed and printed in Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands. It is an eight-square-metre cabin which also comes with bathtub in it. Designed by DUS Architects, the company used sustainable bio-plastic to create the 3D Print Urban Cabin. The idea is intended to demonstrate how additive manufacturing can offer solutions for temporary housing or disaster relief.

Speaking, one of the team member behind the project said;

The building is a research into compact and sustainable dwelling solutions in urban environments. 3D printing techniques can be used particularly well for small temporary dwellings or in disaster areas.

After use, the bio print material can be shredded entirely and re-printed into new designs.

The company is working on developing a full-size 3D-printed canal house.


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