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Google Blog Compass App: All You Need To Know

Google Blog Compass App

Google has launched a new app for Indian bloggers to help them track both WordPress and Blogger.com site stats. Known as “Blog Compass”, the app also will help bloggers to approve comments as well as read tips on how to make their blog more successful. The app will makes doing all this function just in one place.

Login into your website via the app, you are automatically connected to Google Analytics and Search Console. From the app, you can see viewer numbers, traffic sources, demographic information, Google Search status, and popular Google searches that lead to your blog. The app also analyzes your post history and the interests you tell it about.

Google Blog Compass App provides detailed Google Trends data that is tailored to you and your blog. The app is free, and available on Google Play Store for both English and Hindi. The app is currently in its Beta stage and Google says it is working on adding more features and fixing bugs based on feedback from users.

Where To Download Blog Compass by Google

The app is free and its available on Google Play Store HERE.


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