Facebook Lite Now Available For Apple iOS Devices


Back in 2015, Facebook launched a lighter version of its popular Facebook app for Android device. This was done to enable countries where internet service was slow, to enjoy Facebook without having to pay more for data. Known as Facebook lite, the lightweight version was an instant hit as it has over 5 million downloads according to Google Play Store.

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The app which has been on Android app for years, has now officially been launched for iOS/iPhone users. The app is very fast, consumes less data, space, RAM and resources, unlike the normal Facebook app. Currently Facebook Lite for iOS is being rolled out in some countries where unlimited (or even cheap) data plans aren’t as prevalent. The reason for the company decision according to some make a bit of sense.

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Users in Turkey are currently enjoying the new Facebook Lite as there were able to download and install the app. Facebook Lite for iOS is just 5MB in size.


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