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Google Working On A Fix To Second Notch Bug On Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3 XL

After a series of reports about a hilarious notch appearing on the side of the much talked about Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone, Google has announced that it plans to fix the issue. The company while acknowledging the issue attributes the behavior to a bug and has said that a fix is coming soon. While Google may have acknowledged the issue, the tech giant however, did not give a clear date for the fix.

Several users of the device have reported via Twitter about a second notch appearing on the side of their phone. It is believed that the appearance of the second notch is caused by the screen rotation setting that’s probably getting a bit confused about its orientation. It has been found that the problem is not permanent and can be fix by this little trick.

How To Fix The Second Notch Appearing On Pixel 3 XL

Like I mention above, the problem is not permanent, so to fix the issue for now until a bug fix ix released by Google, simply doing a proper restart of the phone will make the second notch disappear.


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