How To Fix Number Changed To Primary Issue On iPhone XS & XS Max

Fix Number Changed to Primary

Just barely a month after Apple launched the iPhone XS and XS Max, users of the device have been complaining the phrase “Number changed to Primary” appears in front of every message. The text appears on the screen when texting someone via SMS. It is believed that the problem is somehow caused by the dual-SIM capabilities of the XS and XS Max.

If you are one of such having the problem, then you can try this low trick to fix the problem of Number changed to Primary” appearing on your screen. For now, the problem is only affecting iPhone XS and XS Max models. So if you are an iPhone XS and XS Max user, simply follow the steps below.

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Simple Steps To How To Fix Number Changed to Primary Bug on iPhone XS & XS Max

Step 1: Reset iMessage & FaceTime
There have been reports that suggest resetting iMessage and FaceTime settings can solve the “Number changed to Primary” issue.

To do this, go to “Messages” in the Settings, then tap the toggle next to “iMessage” so that it’s off. To reset FaceTime, go to “FaceTime” in the Settings, then tap the toggle next to “FaceTime” so that it’s off. Next, wait for about 30–60 seconds, then enable both toggles again.

Then head back to your non-iMessage chat, and send another message. Doing this can help fix the “Number changed to Primary” issue on your device.

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Step 2: Soft Reset Your iPhone
Just in case the step above doesn’t work for you, then youcan try a soft reset on your iPhone. To do this, just power down and then back up, to see if your problem goes away.

Step3: Hard Reset Your iPhone
This step is only needed when both options above doesn’t work for you. Hard reseting your phone will wipe all data such as photos, messages, notes, from your iPhone. It is advisable to make sure you backed up all your data to an external storage drive such as iCloud before proceeding.

Now to hard reset your iPhone, head on Settings, tap “General,” then scroll down and tap “Reset.” Next set, select “Erase All Content and Settings.” Tap on “Erase Now,” and enter your passcode, then tap “Erase iPhone” when prompted.


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