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MTN XtraValue Tariff: How To Subscribe And All You Need To Know

MTN XtraValue

MTN has officially revamped the popular MTN XtraValue tariff plan which was first launched back in May 2016. The value offer users with even more excitement and features. According to MTN, XtraValue offers customers a bundle of huge airtime for voice calls and data. The bundles are available in 2 categories namely the XtraTalk and XtraData coming at different price points ranging from N300 to N20, 000.

While the XtraTalk Bundles offers more airtime for Voice calls than Data volume, the XtraData Bundles on the other hand, offers users more Data volume than airtime for voice calls.

On the MTN XtraValue package, roaming are available to subscribers in 41 countries. These countries includes; USA, Ghana, United Kingdom, Benin Republic, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, China, France, Cameroon, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Spain, Senegal, Netherlands, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Switzerland, Greece, Australia, Portugal, Belgium, Mexico, Sweden, Malta, Czech Republic, Iran, Romania, Croatia, Cyprus, New Zealand, Austria, Poland, Tanzania, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland.

With just N2000 and above, users on the XtraValue tariff plan automatically qualify for roaming service. What this means, is that with N2000 and above, you can use your XtraValue SIM abroad to call, receive calls and send sms.

How To Subscribe or Migrate To MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan

To subscribe to a bundle plan on the MTN XtraValue package, just dial *131*2# and select the preferred bundle type. Also, you do do by sending keyword of the preferred XtraValue plan to 131. (See table below for keywords). Lastly, you can Subscribe or Migrate To MTN XtraValue Tariff Plan by downloading MYMTNAPP and selecting XtraValue plan of choice from the available XtraValue plans.

How To Check XtraValue Bundle Balance 

To check your XtraValue Bundle balance, simply dialing *556# or *559*61# from your mobile phone.

MTN XtraValue Complete Voice And Data Value And Also, How To Subscribe


 Voice ValueData ValueValidityHow to Subscribe
XtraTalkN1,00050MB7 daysText V300 to 131
XtraDataN300200MB7 daysText D300 to 131


 Voice ValueData ValueValidityHow to Subscribe
XtraTalkN1,950100MB7 daysText V500 to 131
XtraDataN500500MB7 daysText D500 to 131


 Voice ValueData ValueValidityHow to Subscribe
XtraTalkN3,900300MB14 daysText V1000 to 131
XtraDataN1,0001GB14 daysText D1000 to 131


 Voice ValueData ValueValidityHow to Subscribe
XtraTalkN7,850650MB30 daysText V2000 to 131
XtraDataN2,5002.5GB30 daysText D2000 to 131


 Voice ValueData ValueValidityHow to Subscribe
XtraTalkN19,5001.5GB30 daysText V5000 to 131
XtraDataN6,5006.5GB30 daysText D5000 to 131


 Voice ValueData ValueValidityHow to Subscribe
XtraTalkN39,0002.5GB30 daysText V10000 to 131
XtraDataN14,00014GB30 daysText D10000 to 131


 Voice ValueData ValueValidityHow to Subscribe
XtraTalkN59,0003.5GB30 daysText V15000 to 131
XtraDataN24,00020GB30 daysText D15000 to 131


 Voice ValueData ValueValidityHow to Subscribe
XtraTalkN80,2004.5GB30 daysText V20000 to 131
XtraDataN28,80030GB30 daysText D20000 to 131

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can activate MTN Xtravalue bundle?

All MTN Prepaid and Postpaid customers can activate the Xtravalue bundles. However, after purchase of any XtraValue bundle, Prepaid Customers will be migrated to Xtravalue plan to enjoy the bundle WHILE Postpaid Customers will enjoy the bundle from their respective tariff plan.

How much will I be charged for migrating into XtraValue plan?

You will not be charged the migration fee of N100 while migrating into XtraValue plan after subscribing to a plan, only the bundle plan fee will be deducted.

How much will I be charged for migrating out of XtraValue plan?

Your first migration out of XtraValue plan in a month will not be charged BUT for subsequent migration out of the plan within same month, you will be charged N100.

Will I be able to purchase the XtraValue bundle from any tariff plan?

Yes, you will be able to purchase any XtraValue bundle while on any prepaid tariff plan but as soon as the subscription is completed, you will be automatically migrated to XtraValue plan.

Can I subscribe to different types of XtraValue bundle?

Yes, you can subscribe to different bundles at a time.

Will I be able to use my Xtravalue bundle while roaming?

Yes, you will be able to use some selected Xtravalue bundle plans while roaming in the eligible destination. Please see below the eligible bundle plans;

Can I subscribe to any Xtravalue bundle while roaming?

Yes, you will be able to subscribe to any of our Xtravalue bundle plans while roaming, however, if the bundle plan is not in the listed eligible XtraValue bundle plans allowed, you will NOT be able to use it even if you are in the eligible destinations.

Will I receive the same data volume or airtime value if I activate the Xtravalue bundles while roaming?

Yes, you will receive the same data volume or airtime value when you activate the XtraValue bundle plan while roaming but the depletion rate will be different from when you are back home.

What happens if my bundle is exhausted and do not renew it?

Once you exhaust your bundle and you do not renew it, your calls, SMS or data will be deducted from your main account at the tariff plan rate. Your National calls will be charged at 20k/sec, standard International call and National SMS at N4.

But as soon as you recharge up to the bundle fee, your bundle will be renewed automatically and calls charged at the normal XtraValue bundle rate.

Will I be able to migrate to another plan and use my active bundle on the new tariff plan?

You will be able to migrate out of XtraValue plan to another tariff plan even if you have an active XtraValue bundle BUT you will NOT be able to use the bundle balance on the plan you migrated to.

Will my expired bundle be auto renewed even if I am not on XtraValue Plan?

No, your bundle will not renew while you are on another tariff plan.

Will I be allowed to purchase multiple XtraValue bundles while on XtraValue plan?

Yes, you will be able to purchase multiple bundles while on XtraValue plan. For example you can purchase both XtraTalk 500 and XtraTalk 1000 together.

Will the system be able to renew my XtraValue Bundle after exhausting the bundle elements?

Yes, your XtraValue Bundle will renew automatically after exhausting any of the bundle elements depending on the bundle type and as long as you have enough airtime to purchase

See More on MTN official website.


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