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See How Your Phone Will Look Like In The Future

Future Phones

Have you ever wondered what a future phone will look like? Well, this is a question that I sometimes think about. Over the last 20 – 30 years, the world has seen the amazing transformation of the phone from the traditionally known landline to the cell phone we have today. The transformation has been so amazing and fast that, there is no sign of it stopping soon. Ever day, we see smartphone manufacturing trying to outshine each other by coming up with new designs.

We have seen the phone industry progressed from 1G service to 2G then to 3G and now 4G, with 5G just a few months away from launching. The smartphone has grown to a point that you can virtually do almost anything with it. You can voice call, video chat, text as well as even open or close your door with your smartphone. The growth is so rapid that I can’t help but wonder what the future of smartphone will look like.

In this post, we will be looking at some new design concept as well as innovation that manufacturers are adding to the development of the smartphone industry. While some are just in their blueprint stage, others are just months away from launch. These are some of the new design being adopted by smartphone manufacturers and these are what our future phones may look like.

Foldable / Bendable Phones: One of the new innovation and design to expect in the near future is the foldable phone. Over the years, there have been rumors of top brands working on developing a phone that can be folded. Top brands like Samsung, Apple and LG has been championing this development. The design concept of the foldable came from the popular flip phone which use to be the toast of young people a while back. These phones are designed to by flexible and can be folded or bend to shade.

foldable phone

With the rate of work being put on the development, foldable phones may just be months away from being launched. Some of the foldable phones expected in 2019 are the Samsung Galaxy X plus and Motorola Razr. Also, rumor has it that Apple, LG and Huawei are working on their own version of foldable phones and are expected to launch soon.

Transparent Phones: The concept of transparent smartphone first hit the internet back in 2009 with the launch of the LG GD900. Although production of the device was discontinued in 2012, but the development of producing a fully working transparent phone never stopped. Over the years, manufactures has pushed the boundary of production to the level, that our future phones may all start coming in the transparent form.

Transparent Mobile Phone

Just few months back, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi launched the Mi 8 Explorer, a transparent back smartphone. While the device may not be a fully transparent smartphone, this shows that manufacture are still working on achieving that goal. In 2013, a Taiwan based company called Polytron, succeeded in creating the world’s first fully transparent mobile phone.

The prototype design was called the Polyvision Privacy Glass. The phone consists of a circuit board, fully functional SIM tray, SD card slot, microphone and camera. Fast forward to the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) Japanese tech giant Sony, introduced the all fully transparent XPERIA Z Pureness 2019.

Sony XPERIA Z Pureness

The smartphone sport a 5.2-inch display with the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, with 6GB/8GB RAM and an internal storage of 64GB, becomes the world first transparent bezel-free display device.

Holographic Phones: Imagine having a holographic mobile phone, sometime I do think about it. While it may seem like what is only possible in a Sci-Fi movie, An American based company has already designed what is now known as the world first holographic smartphone called RED Hydrogen One. The phone was designed with a 5.7-inch screen capable of displaying that 4-View content.

RED Hydrogen One

According to RED, with the Hydrogen One smartphone, you will be able to look around, below, and even into the screen’s image. The RED Hydrogen One phone promises a 4-D holographic display. The phone sports a 5.7-inch QHD 4-View Lightfield Display, with a 6GB RAM and either 128GB or 256GB internal storage. It is powered by a powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and comes with a battery capacity of 4500mAh

While the RED Hydrogen One may be the first smartphone with holographic display, other manufacturers are working to improve on that. So when next you hold your smartphone, think about what it will look like in the future.


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