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Snapchat Introduces New Cat Lenses Features


Snapchat has introduced a new decorative lens features designed to recognize both cat and human faces alike. The feature was being rolled out due to the popularity of cat-themed memes and Snapchatters internet to snap their cats.

These special Lenses will appear alongside other face Lenses in the Lens carousel and be designated by a paw print on the Lens icon. It will have an on-screen tip that will prompt you to grab your furry friend. From there, the Lens should quickly apply matching or complementary Lenses to your faces.

These cat Lenses will appear in the carousel from time to time, beginning each day this weekend. Examples include Lenses that transform you and your cat into an angel or a devil, watermelon heads, and more. Snapchat says that over 70 million users play with Lenses in the Snapchat camera each day. They average 3 minutes of play time each, which adds up to 500 years of daily play time on the app daily.


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