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China Can Now Identify Citizens Based On How They Walk


Over the years, China has played a major role in development of hi-tech equipments. Known as the home to the world’s largest network of CCTV cameras with over 170 million. The country has been involved in surveillance development with its police adopting Google Glass-like ‘smart specs’ to seek out suspects in crowds.

A recent report from AP says the Chinese authorities have adopted a new surveillance system which is capable of identifying people based on their gait (how they walk). According to Huang Yongzhen, the CEO of Watrix, the company who developed the system, the benefit of such a system is that it does not require the cooperation of the individual, such as requiring a warrant and so on.

Huang Yongzhen said;

You don’t need people’s cooperation for us to be able to recognize their identity. Gait analysis can’t be fooled by simply limping, walking with splayed feet or hunching over, because we’re analyzing all the features of an entire body.

The report also revealed that countries around the world have been involved in research and development of the gait recognition technology but China becomes the first country to implement it. Huang Yongzhen told AP that the technology can identify an individual at up to 50 meters (165 feet). It is also capable of facial recognition, and can help police and surveillance systems operate more efficiently in busy areas.

The Chinese government has always been criticized in the way it uses its databases and facial recognition tech in policing of its citizens. The country has been accused of detaining as many of one million Muslims in ‘re-education’ camps in Xinjiang.


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