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Google Android Q Could Be Available To Users Soon

Android Q

While many are still waiting to get their hands on the latest Google Android Pie operating system, a new version may soon be released for preview. The upcoming version will be called Android Q and will succeed Android Pie. According to report, the upcoming Android Q is expected to be released in 2019. This info was revealed by a Google engineer who goes by the name Hung-ying Tyan. He revealed that Android Q previews may be available on more devices than ever before ahead of its full-scale release in 2019.

Hung-ying Tyan who is a member of Google’s Project Treble team, made this revelation during Android developer summit last week. The Google engineer spilled the beans during a talk on Generic System Images (GSIs). A GSI is a pure version of Android, based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code used to test compatibility on Android smartphones.

Mr Hung-ying said the team is “exploring ways to make future GSI available earlier than the release of the next Android version. According to him, users will be able to try out next Android version earlier over GSI.” He said the move will be mutually beneficial, since more users would get access to the software and the team could receive earlier feedback.

Hung-ying said that there might be a way to test out GSI, without flashing it, in the future — something which can be a tricky process.


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