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WhatsApp Beta For Android Brings Private Reply, Unicode 11 Emojis

WhatsApp Beta Update

WhatsApp is always working tirelessly to make the platform one, if not the best messaging platform for users. The app has been receiving tons of new features making it more exciting for users. Some of this amazing features include stories like status, swipe to reply in groups, and many more. While Facebook is getting ready to monetize the app soon, It has added new features to the app in its recent update.

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The WhatsApp beta update comes bringing two new features like ‘Reply Privately’ and Unicode 11 emojis. Reply Privately is a new feature that allows you to privately reply a message received in a group. When you tap Reply privately, WhatsApp will automatically open the private chat with the contact. You can also use this feature to privately reply old messages in a group even when the ‘Send messages’ is set to “Only administrators.”

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The new Unicode 11 emojis comes adding 66 new emojis including softball, kangaroo, partying face, parrot, and more. To use the WhatsApp Private Reply feature, hold the message of the sender to which you have to reply privately and then tap on the three-dotted menu on the top right corner of the app to find the ‘Reply Privately’ feature.

The update is currently only available to beta testers. To partake in the beta testing, you need to sign up.


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