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Google Says No Plans To Shut Down Hangout App

Hangout App

Google has announced that it has no plan of shutting down its Hangouts service. This was announced by the company’s Real Time Communications product lead Scott Johnston. According him, Google has made no decision to shut down Hangouts. Instead, Hangouts users will be transitioned to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet.

In a statement, Mr. Scott wrote;

Hey @hallstephenj, I run Hangouts and this is pretty shoddy reporting. No decisions made about when Hangouts will be shut down. Hangouts users will be upgraded to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. Your source is severely misinformed. You can do better.

Scott Johnston made this announcement after news flood the internet that Google was shutting down the service. This was based on a report published by 9to5Google and has since been updated with Johnston’s quote. However, the website reported that it also checked with a second source, who also corroborated the original story that Google will indeed be shutting down Hangouts by 2020 and that the decision has already been made.

If we are going by Johnston’s explanation, then users of hangout app will be transitioned to Chat and Meet App or service. Details of how the company plans to achieve this, was not stated. But from what we know, Chat and Meet are both enterprise-focused services that require G Suite accounts. Whatever plans Google has for Hangout, it appears the service wouldn’t be around in the near future.

The search engine giant has been known for shutting down services as soon as their popularity falls below the company’s expectations. A good example, is the popular Google+ service which the company plans to shut down soon.


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