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How To Subscribe To Glo 1.2GB For N200, 6GB For N1000

Glo 1.2GB For N200

It is the Yuletide season and all the major networks in Nigeria are gifting customers with special offers. Just a few days I told you about MTN rewarding customers with 500MB free data, and now, how you can get 1.2GB for N200 and 6GB for N1000 on the Glo network. Wondering how, just follow below and enjoy this new one from Glo mobile Nigeria.

The offer is called “Glo Special Offer”, similar to the 9mobile Special Offer. While the 9Mobile special offer gift customers with 1GB for N200; The Glo special offer comes with 1.2GB data for N200. As you can see, the Glo offer is better than the 9mobile version, but we all know how frustrating the Glo network covering can be.

The Glo Special Offer of 1.2GB for N200 is open to all customers, both old and new. Glo also the data allocation, can be used on any device, be it Android or iPhone, and on PC. The only downside, is that it is valid for just 3 days, same as the 9mobile special offer.

How To Subscribe To Glo 1.2GB For N200

  • Get your Glo Mobile Line (old or new)
  • Recharge your Glo line with N200
  • Then dial *777#. Then reply with 1 > then 1 > then 5 > then 2 > then 1.
  • Validity is 3 days.

How To Get 6GB For N1000

One special thing about the offer, is that you can subscribe multiply times. So when you 5 times, you get a massive 6GB worth of internet data for just N1,000. That is the trick and please note that the offer is also valid for just 3 days.


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