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9Mobile (Etisalat) Cheapest Data Plans For Mobile Phone 2019

9Mobile Cheapest Data Plans

9Mobile Nigeria is no doubt one of the best telecommunication networks in the country. The mobile network provider, offers some of the cheapest data plans you can think of. Its service is fast and also available across all the major cities in Nigeria. The only downside to its service, is that service are not available in many small communities. Why this may be a major disadvantage, the company makes up for this, in terms of speed.

9mobile data plans come in three packages, namely the Internet bundle plans, Smartpacks plans and the Smartphone plans. Each of these plans comes offering users with its own advantages and special benefits. The plans are designed in such a way to serve the need of every customer.

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9Mobile Internet Bundle Plans:

These are plans designed for heavy internet users, offering data valid for up to 30 days. The 9Mobile Internet bundle plans can be used on any device like your mobile phone, PC/Laptop, iPhones and iPad as well as blackberry devices. The plans allow users to stream videos online, download movies and also share data with friends and family.

Below are some of the cheapest 9Mobile internet bundle plans offer;

Table Showing 9Mobile Internet Data Plan

PlanPrice (N)Activation CodesSMS to 229Validity
Daily 10MB50*229*3*8#MI324 hours
Daily 40MB100*229*3*1#MI124 hours
150MB200*229*2*10#LCD7 days
500MB500*229*2*12#LCD230 days
1GB (weekend plan)500*5995*2#friday 11:59pm – sunday 11:59pm
1GB night only plan (12am -5am)200*229*3*11#1 day
2GB evening & weekend plan (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of weekend1,000*229*3*12#30 days
5GB evening & weekend plan (7PM – 7AM) and the whole of weekend2,000*229*3*13#
100MB whatsapp (24/7)
30 days
1GB1,000*229*2*7#30 days
1.5GB1,200*229*2*25#AND11 30 days
2.5GB2000*229*2*8#AND230 days

  • 9Mobile 10MB For N50: To subscribe for this plan, dial *229*3*8# or simply sms MI3 to 229. The plan is only valid for 24 hours (1 day).
  • 9Mobile 40MB For N100: This data plan is also valid for 24 hours, to subscribe, you need to dial *229*3*1# or simply sms MI1 to 299.
  • 9Mobile 150MB For N200: Just like the plan says, you get 150MB data for just N200 and it’s valid for 7 days. To subscribe to the offer, just dial *229*2*10# or simply sms LCD to 229.
  • 9Mobile 500MB For N500: With this offer, you get 500MB of data for just N500. The plan is valid for 30 days and you can subscribe to the data plan by simply dialing *229*2*12# or sms LCD2 to 299.
  • 1GB (Weekend Plan) For N500: This is a plan designed specially for weekends. What this means is that, you can only use the plan on weekends. The data plan is only usable between the hours of Friday 11:59pm – Sunday 11:59pm. You get 1GB worth of data for just N500. To subscribe for the offer, just dial *5995*2#.
  • 1GB Night Only Plan For N200: This a night plan offer where you get 1GB data for just N200. The plan is only usable between the hours of 12am – 5am (1 day).
  • 2GB Evening & Weekend Plan For N1,000: This 9Mobile plan offers subscribers 2GB for N1000. The plan is only usable between the hours of 7PM – 7AM in the evenings on weekdays and also usable on the whole weekend. What this means is that, when you subscribe for the plan, you can use it only between 7PM – 7AM on normal days, but on weekends, you can use it anytime. To subscribe for the data plan, just dial *229*3*12#. The offer is valid for 30 days.
  • 5GB Evening & Weekend Plan: Just like the plan above, you can only use the 5GB evening & weekend plan between the hours of 7PM – 7AM on normal days and on weekends, you can use it anytime. The plan also comes with a 100MB data usable only for WhatsApp. It cost  N2,000 and valid for 30 days. To subscribe for the plan, all you need to do is dial *229*3*13#.
  • 9Mobile 1GB Data For N1,000: This is a 30 days validity period data plan. The plan offers subcribers 1GB data at a cost N1000. To enjoy this offers, all you need to do is dial *229*2*7#.
  • 9Mobile 1.5GB Data For N1,200: This is a great data plan for monthly users because I sometimes use it. You get 1.5GB worth of data for N1,200 and its valid for 30 days. To enjoy this offer, simply dial *229*2*25# or sms AND11 to 299.
  • 9Mobile 2.5GB Data For 2,000: This is another amazing monthly plan for Android, iOS and PC users. For just N2000, you get 2.5GB worth of data bundle and its valid for 30 days. To subscribe for the offer, just dial *229*2*8# or sms AND2 to 299.

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9Mobile Smartpaks Plans:

These data plans are designed for social media lovers. With 9Mobile smartpaks plans, you can enjoy the access to your favorite social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, the plan allows you to get unlimited access to WhatsApp as well as other social media apps on your phone or pad. The smartpaks package comes with varieties of option choose from.

Options include;

The chat pak: Which gives you access to instant messaging apps, such as whatsapp, BBM & Wechat.
The video pak: This offers two uninterrupted hours of video streaming. enough time to enjoy a live football match, catch a movie, or chill out with YouTube.
The social me pak: This offers you access to stay connected to Facebook, twitter, instagram and bbm.

How To Subscribe To 9Mobile Smartpaks Plan

To activate or subscribe to the smartpaks plans, simply dial *200# and select option 3 for the data menu, then choose option 3 for smartpaks. For Chats choose 1,while for Social Media choose 2 and for the Special Smartpaks offer, choose 3.

9Mobile Smartphone Plans:

These are specially designed for smartphone users. The package offers Android and iOS users allows to the internet without having to spend more than needed. They are available as monthly plans and are also cheap when compared to the internet bundles plan options.

Table Showing 9Mobile Smartphone Plan

Data PlanMonthly cost(N)activation code
(sms to 8183)
activtion code

  • 500MB For N500: This is one of the cheapest mobile phone data plans on the 9Mobile platform. You get 500MB worth of data for just N500 where you subscribe to the plan. To activate this offer, simply sms “smarta” to 8183 or you can just dial *229*2*11#. The plan is valid for 30 days.
  • 1GB For N1,000: With this data offer, you get 1GB data for N1000 plus its valid for one month (30 days). To subscribe or activate the data plan, simply dial *229*2*22# or sms “smartb” to 8183 from your mobile phone.
  • 2.5GB For N2,000: This plan offers subscribers 2.5GB data for N2,000,valid for 30 days. To subscribe for the plan, you can either dial *229*2*44# from your mobile phone, or simply send an sms with the word “smartc” to 8183.




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