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9mobile Tariff Plans And Migration Codes 2019

9mobile Tariff Plans

9Mobile Nigeria offers customers both data bundle plans and tariff plans. Today I will be sharing with you, details of the plans and also how to migrate. The company is known for its fast internet service which has managed to keep them in the telecom game till now. It has different tariff plans for different customers, depending on the one that suit you.

9Mobile features some of the best and cheapest call rate as well as data bundle plan in the telecom business here in Nigeria. This post will cover both the migration codes how to check 9mobile tariff plan. Some of the 9mobile Tariff Plans available to customers include;

  • Moretalk
  • Morecliq
  • Moreflex
  • Morelife complete
  • Moreflex evolution
  • Talkzone
  • Cliqlite

9Mobile MoreTalk Plan:

This plan is designed for family and friends, which the company tagged “you & me”. It comes with some benefits such as recharging ₦200 and getting ₦300 free credit to call your “you & me” numbers. You also get the benefit of free weekly browsing (10MB), when you recharge ₦100. With 9Mobile moreTalk tariff plan, your call rate drops from 40k/sec to 25k/sec to all networks when you use up to ₦25 per day.

How To Subscribe?

To subscribe to moretalk plan, simply dial 200 and press 1 on a new 9mobile sim or switch from an existing line by dialing *244*2#.

9Mobile Morecliq Plan:

This tariff plan is a special prepaid package plan designed for Nigerian youths. It comes with lots of mouthwatering benefits, one can only imagine. Some of the benefits of 9Mobile Morecliq Tariff plan include;

  1. Benefits By Default
  • 250% bonus on every recharge of N200 and above
  • 4.5GB @ N500 or 1.5GB @ N200 (each with 5 days validity) as a one-off purchase within 30 days
  • 1 free SMS to morecliq subscribers for every billed SMS

2. 250% bonus

  • 250% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above
  • bonus is split 50:50 for on-net and off-net calls
  • recharges less than N100 will get 150% bonus
  • bonus is valid for 7 days

3. 350% bonus

  • 350% bonus on every recharge of N100 and above.
  • bonus account can only be used for on-net calls
  • recharges of less than N100 will give 250% bonus for on-net calls only charged at 60k/s
  • bonus is valid for 7 days

4. 100% bonus on select data plans

  • 100% data bonus on selected data plans purchased (50MB -500MB) while the main data can be used at any time, the bonus data can only be used from 10:30PM-5:00AM daily
  • 100% Data bonus will be granted on data plans from 50MB to 500MB. bonus can only be used during off-peak periods.
  • data bonus will not be granted on already discounted data bundle plans such as social me, campus data offer etc.
  • data bonus will be valid for 7days

5. cliq 4 d nite

  • get 1GB FREE data to browse all night for a single or cumulative recharge of N700 in a week between Monday to Sunday
  • recharge N200 now & get 150MB free to browse your favorite sites all night. on additional recharge of N300 same week, you will get 350MB. On further additional recharge of N200 within the same week, you get 500MB more on your morecliq line. valid for 7 days
  • data bonus can only be used from 00:00am to 5:00am daily

6. night plan

  • Discounted night plan of 250MB for N50 only valid from 12:00am-5:00am. to subscribe dial *229*10*10#
  • To access the various bonus options on morecliq, simply dial *545# prior to recharge to choose your preferred bonus options.

How To Subscribe?

To subscribe to the morecliq on a new SIM, dial 200 and press 2 or you can easily migrate from an existing package, by dial *244*1#. 

9Mobile Moreflex Plan:

This is a bundle plan designed to give more value for making calls, browsing pay as you go and sending SMS to all networks. With Moreflex, you get extra 20% when you buy a higher Moreflex bundle within the same validity period.

You also get an additional 300% when you buy flex 300, 500 and 1000 as well as 4000, 10,000 and 20,000. Moreflex calls are charged at 40k/sec for on net, off net 40k/sec, SMS at ₦4 national, ₦100 for MMS, and pay as you go data 3k per kilobyte.

How to Migrate To 9mobile MoreFlex

Moreflex Bundle Plans

Flex BundleBundle CostActivation CodeMoreflex Value2 for 1 Promo ValueValidity
Moreflex 300₦300*344*300#₦900 talk time + 50MBNA 7 days
Moreflex 500₦500*344*500#₦1,500 talk time + 75MBNA7 days
Moreflex 1000₦1,000*344*1000#₦3,000 talk time + 150MBNA14 days
Moreflex 2000₦2,000*344*2000#₦5,000₦15,00030 days
Moreflex 4000₦4,000*344*4000# ₦12,500NA30 days
Moreflex 5000₦5,000 *344*5000#₦12,500₦37,50030 days
Moreflex 10000₦10,000*344*10000#₦32,500NA30 days
Moreflex 20000₦20,000*344*20000#₦62,500NA30 days

With Moreflex bundle plan, you get to enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 14 countries for 30 days, when you recharge of ₦5,000. The country and roaming networks applicable, are UK (vodafone), US (T-mobile), South Africa (vodacom), UAE (9mobile), Netherlands (KPN) and Saudi Arabia (mobily).

9Mobile Morelife Complete: This is a voice based plan that gives you amazing rates to all networks in Nigeria and selected international destinations. With Morelife, customers can make calls at 15 kobo per second to all networks in Nigeria and to USA, UK, China, India and more etc.

You get a daily fee of N5 deducted for 20 days and a recharge of N5,000 grants you access to enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 13 countries. Service is valid for 30 days.

How To Subscribe?

Simple dial *620*1# or send 1 to 620 to migrate to morelife complete. Note migration is free!

NOTE: Migration is only available to customers on moretalk, morecliq, moreflex talk zone, blackberry voice plan/smartphone voice plan, morelife 3.0, morelife 4.0 bundles, morelife flat tariff and more SIM

To check balance dial *232# and to confirm package dial *244*3#

9Mobile Moreflex Evolution Plan:

This package designed to suit customers voice and data needs. When you recharges of ₦5,000 and above within a month you get to enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 14 countries. Just like the Moreflex, the Moreflex calls are also charged at 40k/sec for on net, off net 40k/sec, SMS at ₦4 national, ₦100 for MMS, and pay as you go data 3k per kilobyte.

Benefits include;

  • You get over 300% when you buy moreflex evolution 500, 1000, 5000, 10,000 voice+ bundles
  • You also get over 300% or more when you buy moreflex evolution 2000 voice+
  • And getting up to 7GB on flex evolution 10000 data+

How To Subscribe To 9Moble Moreflex Evolution Package

Moreflex Evolution Bundle Plans

Bundle TypeBundle CostVoice+ ValueData+ ValueValidity
Moreflex evolution 500₦500₦1,500 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG) + 75MB₦500 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG) + 300MB7 days
Moreflex evolution 1000₦1000₦3,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG) + 150MB₦1000 talk time + 750MB14 days
Moreflex evolution 2000₦2,000₦7,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG) + 500MB₦3,000 talk time + 2GB30 days
Moreflex evolution 5000₦5,000₦15,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG) + 1GB₦5,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG) + 3GB30 days
Moreflex evolution 10000₦10,000₦30,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG) + 2GB₦10,000 (local & Int’l calls, SMS & PAYG) + 7GB30 days

9Mobile Talk Zone Tariff Plan:

This package offers subscribers an amazing low call rate, depending on where you are and when you call. You get up to 80% off calls to other 9mobile numbers, with prices as low as 12k/sec. That is, you are charged 12k/sec at off-peak time (12:30am to 4:30am).

How to Subscribe To 9Mobile Talk Zone Tariff Plan

To activate talkzone, dial *244*8# from any existing 9mobile line, while to check the appropriate tariff for the area you’re calling, dial *551#.

9Mobile Cliqlite:

This is a special prepaid package plan designed to support learning and development young people. It provides unique and innovative features, like free access to 7 educational sites, free credit on your birthday, 100% extra bonus on data, bonus on incoming calls and lots more.

Benefits of Cliqlite include;

  • Free weekly data
  • Recharge N100 weekly and get 10MB to browse any site and free access to browse 5 educational sites and 2 social sites.
  • Free birthday reward
  • Register your date of birth at the point of registration and get 200 on your birthday.
  • 100% bonus on monthly data
  • Purchase any data plan from 200MB to 10GB and get extra 100% bonus to browse 5 educational sites and 2 social sites.
  • Preloaded educational apps and approved textbooks on the cliqlite tab- the educational contents include approved primary, junior and senior secondary school textbooks, wikipedia app, okada books, dictionary, sounds(pronunciation app), typing tutor and spell me right amongst others.
  • Bonus on incoming calls and unlimited SMS
  • Receive 5 minutes call from other networks and enjoy 1 free minute to call easycliq or cliqlite numbers.
  • for every billed SMS, you will be granted a free SMS to any 9mobile line.
  • Access to receiver pays feature: receiver pays service allows you to make a voice call and the cost of the call is paid by the receiving party. to initiate, just dial 268 before the 9mobile number of the person you want to speak to.
  • the parental control portal allows you to select the websites that your children are allowed to view
  • Whitelist and blacklist feature: whitelist and blacklist service are available by default on cliqlite. dial *256*1# for whitelist and *257*1# for blacklist.
  • Reduced call cost after achieving a spend of ₦25. ₦25 daily usage reduces tariff from 40k/s to:
  • Cliqlite – 20k/s,
  • Other 9mobile numbers – 25k/s.
  • All other networks – 30k/s.
  • 250% bonus on every recharge
    this offer is available to all new cliqlite subscribers and it can be used to call all networks.

How To Subscribe?

To subscribe to cliqlite, for new customers dial 200 and select option 5 and for existing customers, dial *244*10#. See more details about the pricing and tariff of cliqlite package HERE.

NOTE: To view all 9Mobile Tariff Plans and Migration Codes, simply dial *200#.


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