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Airtel Cheapest Data Plans For January 2019

Airtel data plan

Airtel Nigeria is one of the few telecom providers who offers cheap and affordable data plans. Today we will take a look at some of Airtel Cheapest Data Plans you can use on your phone. Glo Nigeria comes with the most Cheapest Data Plans in Nigeria, hence the name Grand Master of Data. While Glo may offer the cheapest data plans, Airtel also comes with some amazing offer and a faster browsing speed. This post will help highlight some of Airtel’s latest 2019 Cheap Data Plans you can use on your Android Phones.

These plans are available to customers on daily and weekly options. This data bundle Plan also comes as social networking plans for those just interested in browsing social media. Before we go any further, you can checkout Airtel Night Browsing Plans, Subscription Code On SmartTrybe and also How To Activate Airtel 1.8GB Data For N500.

List of Airtel Cheapest Data Plans

Airtel 20MB for N50: This plan is valid for 1 day, offering 20MB worth of data for N50. It is meant for those with little or no interest on the internet. To subscribe, simply dial *141*11*9#.

Airtel 75MB for N100: For just a N100, Airtel offers customers 75MB worth of data to browse the internet. To subscribe to this plan, simply dial *410#. valid for 1 day.

Airtel 200MB for N200: This offer gets you 200MB for N200 on the Airtel platform. To subscribe to this plan, simply dial *412#. Airtel 200MB for N200 is valid for 3 days.

Airtel 350MB for N300: This plan is valid for 7day and offers customers 350MB worth of data bundle for N300. To subscribe, simply dial *417# for your phone and send.

Airtel 750MB for N500: This plan is valid for 14days and customers can subscribe by dialing *418# from their phones. Subscription cost N500 and you get 750MB.

Airtel 1GB For N350 Data Plan: This is a daily download data plan designed for for movies and music lovers. To subscribe to the data plan, simply dial *141*354# and you will be credited with 1GB data.

NOTE: The plan is a daily plan and only valid for 24 hours (1 day).

Airtel also offers data plans you can use to browse your social media site such as Facebook, twitter, and  Whatsapp. Here are some of them;

Airtel Cheapest Data Plans On Social Networking Sites

WhatsApp Daily 10MB: Valid for 1day, this plan is a WhatsApp bundle plan, meaning it can only be used for Whatsapp only. It cost N25 and you get 10MB to check your latest Whatsapp updates. To subscribe to this plan, just dial *948*4# from your phone and you are good to go.

All Social Daily 20MB: This plan is valid for just one day and can be used to access all social media sites like Facebook,Twitter Whatsapp, We-Chat and more. It cost N50 and you can subscribe to this plan by simply dialing *991*4#.

All Social Weekly 50MB: Just like the All Social Daily plans, this plan also can be used to access all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp, and We-Chat. It cost N100 for subscription and you get 50MB worth of data. You can subscribe to the plan by dialing *688*3#.

All Social Monthly 600MB: This is the monthly version of the All Social Daily and All Social Weekly. You get 600MB worth of data when you subscribe and it’s valid for 25 days. Dial *688*1# to subscribe to the data plan.

These are some of Airtel Cheapest Data Plans you can subscribe to. If you have any question, simply use the comment box below and I will try my best to assist as soon as possible. For more detail on these, Visit Airtel Official Website for more info.


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