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Android Q Coming With Features That Allows Network Provider SIM Lock Your Phone

Android Q

Android Q is bid to hit phones in the coming months and some features have been leaked. Some of the features expected from the new OS include system-wide dark mode and new permissions settings. While we await the launch of the new OS, there seems to a not so cherry about the new OS.

A recent report suggested that the OS will come with a feature that allows network carriers to lock your phone to a specific network via your SIM card. This report came after a recent code change from the OS developers.

Over the weekend, four comments were posted to various parts of Android’s Gerrit source code management, all entitled “Carrier restriction enhancements for Android Q”. This suggests evidence that network providers will have more control over which network devices will and will not work on.

Restriction changes are also on the way for dual-SIM devices. At the moment, carriers can set individual restrictions for each SIM slot, but with Android Q, carriers will be able to lock out the second slot unless there’s an approved SIM card in the first slot.

Source: 9to5google.com


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