Download WA Tweaker v1.2.3 APK Latest Updated For Android

WA Tweaker

WA Tweaker has a new version and you can now download the app from Gizmolad. The new WA Tweaker v1.2.3 comes with improved features and fix to some of the bugs experienced in the previous versions. The WA Tweaker app, is a free app that allows you to enable extra features on your WhatsApp. It is designed and developed by Alessandro Paluzzi with some amazing features and simplicity.

Unlike the popular YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp apk mods, this app helps you enabling hidden features present on your WhatsApp. The app can also disable unwanted features you don’t like in your WhatsApp. Basically WA Tweaker gives you the freedom to tweak your WhatsApp to the way you want it. Some of the features that makes the app so great, are listed below. Also, you can see the previous version 1.2.2 HERE.

WA Tweaker v1.2.3 APK New Features

Added: Confirmation message before entering in Chat Manager.
Crash fixes for Android 4.1 and 4.3 users.
Enabled: Remote update for new Xposed emoji packs.
Preliminary support for latest WhatsApp version 2.19.1.
Improvements for the new Home screen.
New feature: Continuous voice note play in WhatsApp (2.18.364+).
Another hidden feature: Group call shortcut (2.18.366+).
Another extra tweak: Sticker search for WhatsApp (2.18.350+).
Enable now: Add contacts view (new WhatsApp 2.18.354+ hidden feature).
On WhatsApp 2.18.304+, removed “Enable swipe to reply” and “Enable PiP player” tweaks as they’re ON by default.
Added an all-new emoji pack: Emoji One v4.0.
The “Replace Emojis” WA tweak is now working with any WhatsApp version.
Other minor bug fixes!

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Where To download WA Tweaker v1.2.3 APK For Android

Click HERE to download the latest WA Tweaker v1.2.3.

Application Info

App Name: WA Tweaker
APK Version: 1.2.3
Android Version Requires: 4.0.3 and above
Developer: Alessandro Paluzzi
App Size: 6.99 MB

Some Best Features Of WA Tweaker

Disable read receipts and delivery reports
Freeze last seen time
Disable typing indicator and the recording indicator
Anti-recall messages
Lock WhatsApp with any security code
Increase media size limit
Increase group description length and Unlimited group participants
Change font and replace emoji sets
Change toolbar color, status bar color and many elements color
Make conversations with non-contacts (not saved in the address book)
And much more features!


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