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Google Chrome To Block Annoying, Spammy Ads Starting July 9th


Google has announced that starting from July 9th, it will be blocking disruptive and annoying ads on its Chrome browser. According to the company, it will be rolling out an ad filter designed to block intrusive and disruptive ads in Chrome worldwide later this year. This is to prevent any advertisements that violate the Coalition for Better Ads’ Better Ads Standards from appearing on sites.

Ads affected include, pop-ups, auto-playing videos, full-screen ads, and prestitial ads that appear before the content of a page loads. The company made it known that any website found to be repeatedly displaying any of the listed above ads they are blocked by the filter, it will stop displaying all ads on its pages.

The ad filter was introduced some time ago in the US, Canada, and Europe and according to Google, has forced publishers to adopt better ads. Before the filter is introduced worldwide, Google is giving publishers and advertisers tools to access if their current ads would pass the filter.


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