Home News Huawei Fines & Demotes Two Employees For Tweeting From An iPhone

Huawei Fines & Demotes Two Employees For Tweeting From An iPhone


Two employees of Huawei have been punished after a tweet from the company account, was sent from an iPhone. The tweet contains a New Year wishes to customers and users of Huawei, but was sent from an iPhone. Reacting to the errors, Huawei resulted to punishing two employees by imposing a fine of CNY5,000 which is about $700. They were also demoted and blocking from any eventual promotions for the next 12 months.

According to Bloomberg, the company blamed the mistake on their overseas social media agency, but for some reason decided to punish two employees from the marketing department. One of the two employees serving the punishment, was the head of the digital marketing team.

Huawei in a memo to its staff, said the company need to tighten management of suppliers and partners and that the incident exposed flaws in its processes and management. It is not the first time incident like this has happened. Just last year, Samsung Mobile’s promotional Twitter account in Nigeria was caught sending updates via an Apple iPhone.


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